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Ouverture Concertante - Jef Maes - Symphony No. 2 - Viola Concerto

6 thoughts on “ Ouverture Concertante - Jef Maes - Symphony No. 2 - Viola Concerto

  1. Dujora
    A viola concerto is a concerto contrasting a viola with another body of musical instruments such as an orchestra or chamber music ensemble. Early examples of viola concertos include Telemann's concerto in G major and several concertos by Carl Stamitz and other members of his family. The first concertante work to use the viola without caution was Mozart's violin and viola Sinfonia Concertante.
  2. Kigamuro
    Symphonie concertante, Italian sinfonia concertante, in music of the Classical period (c. –c. ), symphony employing two or more solo instruments. Though it is akin to the concerto grosso of the preceding Baroque era in its contrasting of a group of soloists with the full orchestra, it.
  3. Zuzuru
    JEF MAES ( - ) As a student of the Antwerp composer and conductor Karel Candael - himself a student of Lodewijk Mortelmans and Jan Blockx, who in their turn studied under Peter Benoit - Jef Maes can be regarded as an ‘artistic great-grandchild’ of the pioneer of the Flemish Romantic movement.
  4. Voodoozragore
    Jef Maes - Leo De Neve • Frank Vanhove, Royal Flanders Philharmonic Orchestra*, Gerard Oskamp ‎– Symphony No. 2 • Viola Concerto • Ouverture Concertante • Arabesque And .
  5. Kinris
    Sinfonia concertante and double concertos with viola. A good number of symphonie concertante and double concerto included the viola as one of the soloists, from the baroque period to the 20th century. Here are only some of these works, which are published and available.

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