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Nas Is Like - J-Love - Niggas Will Never Be On My Level

6 thoughts on “ Nas Is Like - J-Love - Niggas Will Never Be On My Level

  1. Dinris
    Apr 05,  · Produced by DJ Premier From the CD Single "Nas Is Like/Dr. Knockboots" ().
  2. Zulkikasa
    Nas has released eight consecutive platinum and multi-platinum albums since , four of which topped the Billboard charts upon release and has sold over thirteen-million records in the United States alone. Nas was also part of the hip hop supergroup The Firm, which released one album under Dr. .
  3. Grotaur
    Nas Ya'll My Niggas Lyrics. Ya'll My Niggas lyrics performed by Nas: [Verse 1:] Find a room to lock yourself in and close the door It's some heavy concepts that we gotta explore We gotta strip the word down rugged and raw.
  4. Tygoramar
    Yeah, boy I'm the cleanest nigga Got soul, got style, rap genius nigga I will not back down when you see a nigga My whip black, light brown, Pam Gina nigga Yeah, Folarin like Women like Miss Erykah Badu, see you next lifetime, I marry ya Playin' though nigga this gospel on my tonsils Got the world on my hand like Kwame on Captain Planet do.
  5. Sami
    Grab a cartridge, cock my shit on some Mobb shit We mobbing, putting niggas in mausoleums Put Queens across the Throggs Neck, heads bop, I see 'em. Chorus: Prodigy (3X) For niggaz don't know how to act To all my niggaz on the block slinging crack Rest in peace to my niggaz laying on they back To all the niggaz who bust gats (live nigga rap).
  6. Telkree
    My "f**k Tommorrow" motto through the eyes of Pablo Escobar the desperado - word to Cus D'Amato [Chorus: Nas and Foxy Brown] Got to watch dem niggas that's close to you And make sure they do what they supposed to do Cause you know they be thinkin about smokin you Never personal, nowadays, it's the ways Watch dem niggas that's close to you.

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